Save Money

There are many ways that you can cut energy consumption in the home and reduce your energy bills – some things require little or no expenditure – others will mean a bigger outlay leading to longer term savings.

Benefits of a new boiler

Today’s boilers are 40% more efficient than they were in the 1980s. A modern condensing boiler converts up to 100% of the fuel it uses which could save over £200 on your fuel bill.

Insulate for big savings

Nearly a quarter of all the heat lost in a home is through the roof. If you have less than 10cm of insulation in your loft you’ll be wasting energy. Top the insulation up to 27cm and save around £150 a year.

Take control of your heating and hot water

84% of domestic energy consumption is used for heating and hot water with 60% used for heating alone. So taking control of your heating system is a top priority in keeping energy bills down. Turning your room thermostat down by just 1ºC could save up to £100 a year. If you have an adjustable thermostat for your hot water set it to no hotter than 60°C (140°F). Any higher wastes energy and could scald; much lower and there may be a risk of harmful bacteria forming.

Shop around

The UK has six main energy companies. Broadly they put prices up together but there are always variations and they all need to attract new customers by offering better deals. It’s not difficult to switch – energy companies are only too glad to have your custom and will take care of most of the “admin” involved in switching over. So it pays to shop around.

Improve the efficiency of your heating system

Your central heating system requires regular servicing to keep it working at its best. An annual service by a qualified engineer will improve the efficiency of your boiler and a well maintained boiler will burn up to 10% less fuel than a poorly maintained one. Why not ask your local, reputable heating engineer to give your system a thorough “once over” checking the boiler, radiators, radiators valves, pumps and thermostats,

Install renewable technology

With households facing up to the fact that high energy bills are here to stay it’s become essential that homeowners look at ways to become more energy efficient. More and more homeowners are installing one or more renewable energy technologies: these generate energy from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat (from the air or ground). By generating your own heat and power you could make worthwhile cuts to your energy bills.

For more detailed advice including the many things you can do that will cost you nothing, download these leaflets:

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