Energy Grants

In the past the main help available was through the Warm Front Scheme but this closed to new applications in January 2013.

For households seeking help and support, the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is now available. ECO is a government scheme designed to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and support those living in fuel poverty by funding energy efficiency improvements worth around £1.3 billion every year. ECO will run from January 2012 until March 2015 and support the installation of energy efficiency measures in low-income households and properties that are harder to treat. It will work alongside the Green Deal to give consumers new ways of funding energy efficiency improvements in their homes. For more information about ECO and how to apply, please contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 or click here to visit their website.

The Energy Saving Advice Service can also provide information on the Green Deal and other help you might be able to get from energy suppliers and local authorities.

New financial incentives are also now available to encourage households to install renewable technologies. Payments would be made via the new ‘domestic’ Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that’s designed to encourage householders to install renewable heat technologies. Whilst not upfront grants they would provide on-going payments to households (for 7 years) that install renewable technologies such as air to water heat pumps; biomass only boilers and biomass pellet stoves with back boilers; ground and water source heat pumps; flat plate and evacuated tube solar thermal panels. For more information contact the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234.

For more detailed advice you can also download our leaflets:

You can also request printed versions of these leaflets by calling 0800 810 8303.